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The WordPress Plugin provides a sidebar widget for your lifestream. You can see what you get here (sidebar on the right).

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YouTube Brackets (WordPress Plugin)


YouTube offers a service that sends a video you are watching to your blog. It does not send html-code to your blog, but a code like this: [ youtube=] This works fine for blogs hosted on, but with standalone setups of wordpress it doesn’t work at all.

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wp-quotes – add quotes hack


I use the wp-quotes wordpress plugin to display quotes (version 1.3 ). It didn't work for me first. I wasn't able to put quotes into the database. If you have the same problem, make sure the edit-quotes url is wp-admin/edit-quotes.php and not wp-admin/edit.php?page=edit-quotes.php

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wp-quotes – scrolling text hack

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If you want scrolling quotes to appear in wordpress, install wp-quotes and replace the stuff from line 66-76 in wp-quotes.php with the following code:

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