Google calendar – windows mobile PDA synchronization


Now I have a PDA with flat rate internet, possibilities emerge to become even more efficient and machine like :-). I want to get emails like before I got SMS text messages and I want to have a calendar that I can access from my phone and through any PC. Email was no problem, gmail-pop to outlook mobile is easy to set up (even easier than in pc-windows!). The calendar was a bigger problem.

After trying many things, I found a good (free) solution to syncronise your PDA (windows mobile) calendar with an online one, without using a PC:

ActiveGcSync by Gil Milow

Just run the program in the background of your PDA and every 15 minutes or so it synchronizes your mobile outlook calendar with your personal google calendar (both ways)!

Just make sure the timezones of your google and outlook calendar are the same!

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