Digital technology and the humanities


Altijd leuk om een geestverwant te ontdekken:

“Let me begin with a supposition. Suppose that
“humanities computing,” “digital humanities,” “technology
in the humanities,” “media arts and technology,”
and other such awkwardly named associations
and programs will one day fulfill their mission. That
mission, phrased broadly, is to integrate information
technology into the work of the humanities so
fully and in so entangled a manner—at once as tool,
perspective, and theme—that it would seem just as
redundant to add the words “computing,” “digital,”
“media,” or “technology” to “humanities” as it was
previously to add “print-based.” Information technology
will simply be part of the business of the
humanities along with all its other business. What

Alan LiuThe Humanities: A Technical Profession

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